Dog tied to bridge at park in SE Houston found dead, police say

Investigators are looking for the person responsible
Investigators are looking for the person responsible

HOUSTON – Houston police are investigating the death of a dog found tied to a bridge in southeast Houston.

The animal is believed to be a German Shepherd or German Shepherd mix.

Julian Bustamante said he was walking with his son on Saturday when they spotted the dog. Bustamante said he and his wife alerted authorities because they didn’t want other children and visitors to see the dog’s remains on the bridge.

“That park is full of kids,” Bustamante said. “That could ruin kids about animals.”

One of the biggest questions is who left the dog on the bridge with what looked to be food. Neighbors and authorities are working to determine if the food was left by someone who was trying to help or if it was left by the person who tied the dog to the bridge.

“If they left the food, they could have called the authorities instead of leaving the food over there,” said park visitor Fernando Rodriguez. “To just leave the dog there is bad.”

The Houston Police Department has taken the lead on this investigation. Anyone with information about who may have left the dog should contact HPD.

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