Quanell X calls for federal investigation into jury tampering in Brazoria County

BRAZORIA, Texas – There is a call for an independent federal investigation of the former Brazoria County District Clerk Rhonda Barchak, who is accused of corrupting the jury process in the county for 11 years.

“This is jury tampering. This is official oppression. This is a felony charge,” said activist Quanell X during a press conference held on the courthouse steps Monday. “You possibly have men in prison, and women in prison who are only there because a racist clerk who has stacked the deck in the jury selection process and corrupted it.”

Before Barchak resigned last Friday, Quanell X said a whistleblower who worked inside the courthouse told him Barchak would research potential jurors’ voter registration cards and exclude democrats and minorities from being selected.

“This happened in family court cases. It happened in civil court cases. It happened a lot in criminal cases,” Quanell X said.

On Tuesday, KPRC 2 went to Barchak’s home for a response, but she had no comment. Meanwhile, some families with loved ones imprisoned under her watch are sounding off.

“I’m here on behalf of my father... He was sentenced to 30 years, 16 years ago. He had an unfair trial. We were not allowed into the trial, which should be an open trial,” said Christina White.

“My nephew was convicted for murder with no DNA evidence, and all of the evidence that was in the trial excluded him,” said Iris Burrell-Bey.

“This in Brazoria county has been going on for too long and it’s time to stop,” said Vickie Gill, who added that her children were placed in CPS custody.

They not only want Barchak indicted but also at least five others who worked at the courthouse with knowledge of Barchak’s alleged.

Quanell X said his lawyers are in contact with the FBI, and he’s looking forward to swift action.

Brazoria County released the following statement:

Pursuant to Rules 304 and 309 of the Texas Rules of Professional Responsibility, as well as the Schultz decision, I want to follow up on my statement issued on August 25, 2021.

As you are aware, this office has received allegations of improprieties or irregularities in the jury assembly process. The law requires jurors be selected at random and it is this process that is alleged to have been conducted improperly. Because this allegation involves an elected official, we have requested assistance from the Texas Rangers Public Integrity Unit to help investigate this matter. At this time, I cannot say how long the investigation will take because we do not know the scope or the magnitude of the problems that may be uncovered. All evidence relevant to this investigation will be presented to the Brazoria County Grand Jmy for their consideration regarding any crimes that may have been committed. During the pendency of the criminal investigation, the District Attorney’s Office will have no comment. I have met with our new District Clerk, Ms. Donna Starkey, and I have every confidence that she will restore honor and integrity to the position of District Clerk and have assured her that the District Attorney’s Office will assist her in that endeavor. We are aware that the integrity of the jury system is of paramount importance and vital to our system of justice; my office is working diligently to restore confidence in the process. As the investigation continues regarding this matter, appropriate further notifications pursuant to Rules 304 and 309 of the Texas Rules of Professional Responsibility, as well as the Schultz decision, will be made.

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