Man files federal lawsuit against Harris County authorities after suit claims noise call turned bloody

Generic image of police lights.
Generic image of police lights. (pixabay)

HOUSTON – A man has filed a federal lawsuit against Harris County, the Harris County Constable’s Office, Precinct 4 and three Precinct 4 constables, after a noise call at his home in April 2020.

The lawsuit alleges officers used excessive force, false arrest, failure to adequately supervise and violations of constitutional rights of Miguel Amador Gonzalez and his daughter in his home.

Gonzalez’s suit claims authorities illegally entered his home and rammed him and pushed aside his daughter causing serious injuries for both of them. The injuries, the suit claims, came after he would not sign a disorderly conduct citation via an interpreter who Gonzalez claims provided a poor translation of the officer’s words and the officer refused to listen to Gonzalez’s response.

Gonzalez claims his head was cut as he was violently tackled to the ground and his child hit her head on the floor and a chair when she was pushed aside by the officer. The lawsuit says Gonzalez needed stitches and knee surgery after the incident and he and his daughter were diagnosed with mild traumatic brain injury. Gonzalez’s wife cut her feet on a glass table that broke during the incident, causing a bloody scene in their home, documents say.

The lawsuit claims the officer involved in the case accused Gonzalez of evading arrest to justify his actions.

The lawsuit seeks $2 million in compensation.

KPRC 2 has reached out to Harris County authorities for comment on the lawsuit, but have not received a response yet, as of this writing.

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