Local couple gets married in ICU as wife fights monthslong battle with COVID-19

HOUSTON – It’s a story of love and determination.

A Houston-area couple married in the ICU at Houston Methodist Hospital as the wife fought for her life against COVID-19.

The couple says they married because they weren’t sure they would have another chance.

“Paul saved my life. He saved not only my life, my children and my family because if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here. My children wouldn’t have a mama,” said Starr Hopkins.

Paul and Starr Hopkins got married in the ICU at Houston Methodist Hospital this past March.

At that point, Starr had been fighting coronavirus for months. She was hospitalized twice and intubated several times. She was also in need of a liver transplant.

“When she got really sick and I thought I might lose her. It really brought my feelings into sharp relief,” said Paul Hopkins.

“That’s why we got married because we didn’t know how long I was going to live so, so we said let’s just get married. Why not? We love each other,” added Starr.

Paul drove her from a hospital in Florida, where she first got sick, to Houston. He made sure she had health insurance and helped navigate the transplant process. They both say they had a lot of help along the way and a lot of luck to get the care she needed.

“It was really a roller coaster ride. It was crazy navigating the insurance and everything else that was going on. But it was worth it. A lot of people were involved,” said Paul.

They’re so grateful for the family who donated her liver. Because of them, the couple can now spend more time together.

“To know that man loves me so much. Love is real,” said Starr.

The couple said they are living every day to the fullest.

They plan to have a traditional wedding ceremony with friends and family and a big party in the near future.