Houston Zoo named one of the best in the country

Houston Zoo (Pixabay)

The city with no limits has done it again. Houston is home to one of the best zoos in the country.

Travel & Leisure has named Houston Zoo among the top 9 best Zoos because of their ethical and great care for animals.

Each year, the Zoo welcomes over two million guests, making the zoo the second most visited wildlife park in the United States.

The Zoo has no limits on protecting their animal residents and delivering visitors a fun experience. Find out why!

Galápagos Islands expansion

More than 6,000 animals live in the Houston Zoo, and as if that weren’t enough, in 2022 the Houston Zoo will be celebrating their 100th anniversary with their “most dramatic transformation.

The Zoo is undergoing a construction project to create space for a Galápagos Islands exhibit. The exhibit will highlight giant tortoises, birds, and marine animals, as well as provide educational experiences about eco-travel.

Visitor tickets helps support projects

A visit to the Zoo helps change an animal’s life. Visitors are connecting communities with animals to save wildlife with the purchase of a ticket.

The money raised helps supports over 45 wildlife conservation projects in 27 countries around the world!

In addition, the Zoo focuses on saving native Texas wildlife from extinction, like the Houston Toad. In 2020, the Zoo released 899,700 toad eggs in to the wild in order to save the amphibians from being eliminated.

Provides an educational family experience

Under their guiding principles, the zoo strives to be the leading environmental education resource for families, students, and guests in Texas.

The Zoo’s sponsors also aim to inspire and provide an engaging animal experience to everyone by offering a free daytime admission once a month.

It’s no wonder why they are the most visited attraction in the region.