Rodent nightmare: Residents frustrated over ‘rat infestation’ at north Houston apartment complex

The woman says her apartment located in north Houston is filled with rats

HOUSTON – Residents at the Bayou Oaks apartments in north Houston claim rats have invaded their apartment complex and management is doing nothing to help get rid of the rodents.

“You can hear them running through the walls,” said resident Natisha Tippit.

Tippit purchased a camera to capture the rats inside her home and said she’s notified the leasing manager at the apartment complex.

“We just went through two leasing managers. I let the first one know, and she told me if I was to get a cat, she won’t charge me a pet deposit. And this one here has just been lying, she hasn’t been doing anything,” Tippit said.

Tippit isn’t the only one with the problem. Several other residents told KPRC 2 that they had the same issue but did not want to go on camera out of fear of retaliation

“I have bronchitis and my three kids have asthma real bad, and with the feces, it gets bad where we have to go to the hospital,” Tippit said.

Tippit wants out of her lease but said the leasing manager notified her she had to put in a 60-day notice.

KPRC 2 tried speaking to the leasing manager on Wednesday, but was told “I’m not involved in this.” The leasing manager then shut the door on us.

We tried calling back Thursday afternoon, but our calls were ignored and not returned.

If you or anyone you know has a rat infestation problem, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a few tips:

  • Seal up holes to prevent entry.
  • Set traps.
  • Clean up to avoid illness that could occur from rodent-infested areas.

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