Update: Detectives release sketch of suspect who fatally shot 17-year-old after Astros game

HOUSTON – During a news briefing Friday afternoon, homicide detectives with the Houston Police Department released additional information in the investigation into the fatal shooting of 17-year-old David Castro.

Investigators released a sketch of the suspect who shot Castro in the head following a road rage incident that occurred Tuesday night. The suspect is described as a thin Black or light-skinned Hispanic male, 5′8′' to 5′10 tall with a muscular build in his twenties or thirties. Anyone with information regarding the suspect is urged to call the Houston Police Department’s Homicide Division or Crime Stoppers.

“Someone in the city, someone in the county knows this person,” a detective said. “They can link this person to this vehicle and that’s why we’re asking for anyone who knows this person to call in.”

Investigators are still looking for any additional surveillance footage related to the case.

The suspect vehicle is described as a white-colored 2010 to 2014 Buick LaCrosse with a sunroof and paper tags. Detectives said the vehicle has distinctive rims, which have seven holes.

Castro’s father, Paul Castro, added that the car’s headlights have a yellowish tint.

Paul Castro took to social media Friday to ask Houstonians to honor his son with acts of kindness.

“In discussing with my family, here is a request for those asking what you can DO,” Castro said in a post on social media. “Help make the world a little nicer today. Do a random act of kindness in his memory. Forgive the person who wronged you. Call your friend you haven’t spoken to in a while and see how they’re doing. And please hug your children and don’t let go until they do. They might find it annoying. Trust me. I had no idea my last hug with David would be my last hug with David.”

During the news briefing Friday, Paul described his son David as a light in a world that is sometimes dark.

Father describes the life of David

“I think if the world were better than maybe this man who was obviously angry at something, maybe he would not have made that decision,” Paul said.

He said his son’s organs will be donated so he can continue to save lives even in death.

“We’re hoping that his last physical gift is going to be one where other families who are suffering in some way, shape or form will find solace,” he said.

Paul said his son had hoped to study chemical engineering at Texas A&M University or Purdue University. Recently, David received his PSAT scores, which revealed that he had qualified as a National Merit Scholar. Paul went on to say David was interested in politics and public policy and worried about climate change, global warming and gun violence among other issues.

“He wanted to do something with his life that would make the world better,” Paul said.

Above all, Paul said he wants justice for his son.

“I’m not looking for blood justice,” Paul said. “I’m looking for justice and I’m asking the City of Houston to come together and to identify this man but if you can’t do that, I’m asking for a random act of kindness in service of my son’s memory.”

Castro said, “I don’t care if you’re 70 years old or if your child is 70 years old. You don’t bury a child. It’s a nightmare.”

The victim’s father is urging the public to help police catch the person responsible for the deadly shooting.

”A person who behaves the way that he did is a threat all of Houston and all of Texas,” said Castro.

Watch the full media briefing below.

What happened

The father of a teenager who was shot and killed while on his way home from an Astros game Tuesday night says the shooter chased him down the freeway for more than three miles.

“I sped up and he was still right behind me. I moved and he was right behind me. I moved and I slowed down and he was right behind me. I said, ‘This is not good,’” Paul Castro told KPRC 2.

Paul’s 17-year-old son, David Xavier Castro, was shot in the head during the suspected road rage incident that started near Minute Maid Park on Chartres Street around 11 p.m.

Paul confirmed with KPRC 2 that David died at Memorial Hermann Hospital on Thursday after being on life support.

“David was not just a statistic. He was a very good boy and he had so much to offer. Because of gun violence, he was taken away too soon without reason,” said Paul. “He was my son and my buddy. We could talk about anything. He was a deep thinker who cared about the world and its problems. We miss his hair and scruffy beard.”

Paul said his son was a dedicated Astros fan. His favorite player was Jose Altuve.

“He loved Jose Altuve for being the underdog. You know, the underdog that could. And he pictured himself in kind of that same way,” said the father. “It hurts that my last night with him was a night we were leaving an Astros game.”

Police said Paul and the driver of a white Buick sedan exchanged hand gestures before the shooting, but Paul says his gestures were much different than those of the suspected shooter.

“He gets out of the car and he starts yelling at me, and he’s like, stepping out of the car, and he’s yelling at me and he’s saying, ‘Let my car in,’” Paul said. “I said, ‘Hey man, I’ve let three cars in already.’”

Paul said he eventually let the driver in front of him.

“So, he got in. I didn’t flash my lights. I didn’t flip him off. I let him in and he was in front of me,” he explained. “When I explained that to HPD, I explained that we exchanged hand gestures, his hand gesture was different from mine, mine was just ... I’ve let people in.”

Paul said they were headed home when they noticed the Buick was behind them and following them.

“My son David was a little nervous. He said, ‘There’s that guy.’ I said, ‘I know.’ And I said, ‘We are going to go a different direction,’” Paul said. “I went as fast as I could, and I started merging through traffic.”

Paul said he maneuvered as much as he could, but a short time later, he heard glass breaking.

“I heard ‘Pop, pop,’ and then I thought he missed,” Paul told KPRC 2. “I turn around and I see Luke and I said, ‘You’re ok, Luke?’ He was in the back seat, and then I realized my other son had been hit.”

Paul said his family does not hate the suspect, but they do not forgive him at this time.

“I would love to just ask him if he has any understanding of what he did, and I would hope that he could save his soul by seeking forgiveness and by making amends with the world,” he said.

Crime Stoppers of Houston has increased the reward for information that leads to the arrest of the suspect to $10,000. If you have information call 713-222-TIPS.

Paul said David loved to wear Hawaiian shirts and he will ask friends and family attending his funeral to wear them.

David Castro (Courtesy of David's family)

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