After last burglary at seafood restaurant, owner says he may be forced to close his doors for good

The owner said if his business keeps getting hit, he won't be able to stay open

HOUSTON – A restaurant owner in west Houston said he may have to close his doors if his business becomes the target of another crime.

“If something happens again, I have no other choice but to just close down,” said Boby George, owner of Fish Skillet Seafood on West Houston Center Boulevard.

Surveillance video from last August shows a man pointing a gun at George and an employee, forcing them to crawl to the back of the restaurant and then locking them in a room.

After the robbery, George said someone then broke into the restaurant on May 30 and June 27.

“These kinds of incidents [are] really killing our business, and we cannot afford any more damage like this,” George said.

The damage includes a broken window, broken equipment, and stolen tablets used to take orders.

George said the repairs and replacement costs can add up to thousands of dollars for each incident.

“It’s created a lot of damage to our business,” he said.

The owner believes more than one person is responsible for the crimes. He said no one was hurt during the robbery.

Houston police said no one has been arrested for the burglaries. Police said the robbery suspect also robbed another business three different times.

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