Several drivers stranded after filling up at Exxon gas station near Cypress

The gas station was located on FM 529 near Barker Cypress Road

CYPRESS – Several drivers said they are having vehicle trouble after getting gas near Cypress on Monday.

KPRC 2 spoke with at least five people who reported problems after going to the Exxon at the corner of FM 529 and Barker Cypress Road.

Witnesses said some drivers couldn’t start up their vehicles at the gas station, while others were able to start up, but then stalled down the road.

“We just came to pump some gas. We noticed something was up. We didn’t think much of it. Started the car, moved it like 10 feet in front, and next thing we know, the car just stops,” said Elias Bernal.

Bernal said a woman inside the gas station told everyone that the manager would take down names and information and share it with corporate.

The people who spoke with KPRC 2 said they want answers and their money back.

“All we got was they don’t know what happened,” said Monique Ward, a Cypress resident. “This has never happened before.”

At one point, there were several tow trucks parked in the parking lot. By Monday evening, the regular gas pumps were covered with yellow bags.

There was also a contractor’s truck on-site with the words “petroleum specialist” marked on the side.

A man at the gas station who identified himself as a supervisor said they’re still working to figure out what’s going on.