Viper, Greezed Lightnin’ and WaterWorld: These are things we remember, miss most from Astroworld

Photo: Josh Burdick

HOUSTON – Astroworld -- that theme park of your childhood that you visit in your head every now and then. The whoosh of Viper. The splash of Tidal Wave on a hot Houston day. The perfect hot corndog after a day running from ride to ride.

But those are just some of our memories. What are yours?

On June 1, KPRC 2 shared a post celebrating the park’s opening in 1968 and so many of you shared your memories of the roller coaster we featured and what you remembered about the park. Here are some of the comments that spoke to us. Don’t see your memory here? Share yours in the comments below. This scrapbook of memories is a work-in-progress so come back and read more as we edit in new entries.

Take a look back now:

Astroworld's 50th anniversary

Astroworld first opened its gates 50 years ago today! From sailing down Thunder River to playing in the snow during Holiday in the Park – Astroworld had it all. We miss you, Astroworld! Read more: What’s your favorite memory from Astroworld? Post pictures and videos from the park in the comments! #astroworld #fbf #kprc2

Posted by KPRC2 / Click2Houston on Friday, June 1, 2018

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Krystal Meadors Starnes: “Loved it.... Viper and Greezed Lightning were my favorite rides.”

Gabriella Moniqe Correa: “I use to love the looping star ship and the batman ride...not to mention Skyscreamer that 5 second drop was everything in my childhood I felt BRAVE.”

Dana Howell: “I know I miss it. Sure wish Houston would get another theme park.”

Sally Comsia Kennedy: “It was a blast to work there!!!!!!!”

Sara Ivey: “I loved the Alpine Sleigh Ride and the mini bread loaves!”

James Sherman: “I remember working at the corn dog hut ... and sometimes at the ice cream shop.”

KPRC reached out to our viewers asking for your favorite memories of AstroWorld. Facebook users Maria Martinez Bettientes and Aleks Mrt Garcia left us these photos. (Maria Martinez Bettientes/Aleks Mrt Garc)
Photo: Josh Burdick
Photo: Josh Burdick

Alfonso Romero: “I miss letting all my loose change drop on the people below when looping starship did the flip.”

Yvette Yvette: “I remember when this ride first opened (the Viper). We got stuck on it right before the covered part.”

Freddy Loc Gomez: “The city building everything else what’s the hold up on a new Astroworld? Travis Scott -- Go on ahead and build one young playa!”

Nicole Lee: “The bamboo boat ride and the Wicky Wacky Shack was my favorite!! That house use to lean inside with a strong gravitational pull!”

Lori Cortez Leonard: “I still have all of my season passes.”

@sjcflawless: “I think the whole city plus some misses this place!”

@Russ87676776: VIPER!!!!!!!! I must have ridden that coaster 200 times as a kid

@chloeevansj: “My first ride to go on that went upside down! so many great memories there. And also waterworld. Miss it. Now it’s just an empty lot.”

What’s your best memory of Astroworld? Share yours in the comments.

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