‘He’s a predator.’ Police searching for more victims after man charged with indecency with child

Oak Ridge North Police said they arrested a man on Wednesday who has since been charged with a felony for indecency with a minor.

Police said the suspect is Yobani Martinez-Mendoza, 25, who remains behind bars in the Montgomery County Jail.

“He met this girl at a what we’re understanding was some type of juvenile party,” said Police Chief Tom Libby. “From this incident, from what we’ve learned and seen in his actions, he’s a predator.”

According to investigators, they spotted a car in a vacant lot on Monday. Inside, police said they found Martinez-Mendoza half-dressed along with a 14-year-old girl he met months before at a party.

Investigators said when Martinez-Mendoza was questioned by police that he was 18 before running away.

That’s when police said they set up a perimeter to search for him.

“After several hours search is called off and he was not located,” Libby said.

Police eventually arrested Martinez-Mendoza on Wednesday when it was learned his actual age is 25.

Investigators believe since Martinez-Mendoza lied about his age before, there could be other potential victims out there.

“Has he made contact with, contacted or met up with any other minor children?” said Libby.

Police are asking anyone who may be a victim to speak up.

“We as a police department want to get that message out that if there are, hopefully, they’re not anymore to come forward,” said Libby.

Martinez-Mendoza’s bond was set at $30,000 in the case.

Anyone with information about the case or other possible victims is urged to call the Oak Ridge North Police Department at 281-292-4643.

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