Test it Tuesday: This personal security alarm called the ‘Kick Alarm’ attaches to your phone

HOUSTON – A security alarm, a smartphone stand and a flashlight: All of these things already exist, but the Houston entrepreneur who put them all together in one tiny package named his product the Kick Alarm.

Rick Frank said cell phones are the one thing everyone carries around with them all day. By creating an alarm small enough and loud enough to attach to a cell phone without added bulk, he said the Kick Alarm is perfect for anyone with a phone.

“Anywhere from your 12-year-old that got his first phone to your 99-year-old grandfather,” Frank explained.

The Kick Alarm is not a phone cover. It attaches to your phone or your phone case with adhesive. If you’re buying it for someone, you will want to make sure they don’t already have a cover with a built-in loop or something that takes up too much space because you do need enough real estate to adhere the kick alarm to the back of the phone.

Double-clicking the button on the Kick Alarm turns on a piercing 125-decibel alarm. When you click once, it turns it off.

While the alarm is intended for emergencies, Frank added two other functional features that you can use daily: a stand that lets you prop up your phone vertically or horizontally and a small light on the Kick Alarm. Frank says the light is more accessible and easier to use than the flashlight on your smartphone.

“You don’t need to open your phone,” Frank explained. “You’ve got your phone in your hand. One click of the button and you’ve got a light for 10 or 12 seconds.”

What: Kick Alarm

Where: Sells on Amazon for $29.99

Why: To arm yourself or loved ones with a personal alarm in case of an emergency.

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