Colorado woman steals $10,000 worth of clothing from 7 different Lululemon stores in Houston area, police say

Police said they believe the woman also stole from other retailers like Target, Sephora and REÍ

The woman allegedly stole at least $10K worth of clothing from Lululemon
The woman allegedly stole at least $10K worth of clothing from Lululemon

HOUSTON – Deer Park investigators said 49-year-old Tricia Mullins had a well-orchestrated plan when she traveled to Texas from her home in Colorado to steal clothes from a popular fitness store.

During a routine traffic stop, deputies said they discovered that Mullins had stolen clothes from multiple Lululemon stores in Houston.

“We found that she hit all seven Lululemons in the Houston area, just about $10,000 worth of clothing over Saturday and Sunday,” said Deer Park Police Department Lieutenant Chris Brown.

Brown said the items Mullins stole include 29 pairs of pants worth more than $3,300, 67 shorts worth nearly $5,000, 22 shirts worth $1,700, and much more.

“It’s a lot of high-end clothing, and it’s all different sizes,” Brown said

Police believe Mullins also hit other retailers like Target, Sephora, and REÍ.

“She had anti-theft devices to take off those tags, so she was taking off a lot of the security tags in the stores,” Brown said.

Investigators said Mullins’ well-thought-out scheme unraveled when police spotted her driving through Deer Park Monday with an obstructed tag and pulled her over.

Police told KPRC 2 that Mullins had warrants out of Colorado, and a car filled with stolen property.

“When the officers were inventorying the car, they ran across this map that had all the stores listed on it from Sephora, REI and Lululemon,” Brown said.

It’s now part of a long list of evidence that could lead to jail time for Mullins.

“We charged it as a felony because of the amount when totaled exceeds $2,500 dollars,” said Assistant District Attorney Victor Flores.

Mullins was released on a promise to a payment-in-kind bond. She is due back in court on June 9, but Deer Park police said she already told them she has no plans to show. If that happens, Mullins will be issued another warrant, and if convicted, she will face up to two years in jail.

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