Are fast food restaurants tricking you into upsizing your order?

Are some Burger King customers not getting their way?
Are some Burger King customers not getting their way?

HOUSTON – “Have it your way” is Burger King’s slogan dating back to the 70s, but one Houston man says he feels the fast-food chain is intentionally misleading customers by steering them to order something they don’t actually want.

Small, medium, or large. It’s as simple as disclosing all of the sizes available. But Glen Tharp says every time he orders a combo meal from Burger King, employees ask him the same question.

“The girl automatically said, ‘Medium or large?’ So I said, ‘I only want a number 6.’ And she said, ‘medium or large’ with a higher tone,” Tharp recalled his drive-thru encounter on a recent visit to Burger King.

By intentionally leaving out the small option, Tharp thinks Burger King is tricking customers into upsizing their order.

“To me, it’s not right to do that to the customer,” he told consumer expert Amy Davis. “I think it’s dishonest.”

It’s also 54 cents more. That’s the price difference between a small combo meal and a medium, but Tharp says it’s more than two quarters.

“It’s the principle about it,” he said.

How common is the practice?

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