22-year-old woman survives after she says driver runs her down in parking lot near The Galleria mall

Police are now searching for the suspect
Police are now searching for the suspect

HOUSTON – The fact Allayeja Houston is even sitting here is a miracle and her mother knows it.

“I could’ve literally been planning a funeral right now,” said Houston’s mother Nigeria Savoy-Williams.

Houston, 22, is alive after being targeted by a driver.

She said the driver floored the gas then ran her over in a parking lot near The Galleria mall. She said the impact knocked her onto the hood of a car, then she crashed to the ground.

“I just remember waking up and my friends are there helping me,” Houston said. “Taking me to the hospital.”

Jessica Purnell was with Houston and said the car bumped her previously before it hit Houston.

“It was so scary,” Purnell said. “I just started crying because I thought she was dead.”

Video recorded by a bystander in the early morning hours of May 29 showed the aftermath of what Houston said started as a verbal altercation between three females in the car and Houston and her three friends. Things escalated and the three females got in the car and at least three other times went after other people with that car before hitting Houston.

In the video, you can see the driver leave the parking lot at Richmond Avenue and Sage Road, turn back in, and then make a beeline for Houston.

“For them to do multiple attempts. They literally tried to kill someone that night,” said Houston’s mother.

Houston suffered a concussion, facial bruises and a sprained shoulder among other injuries. She has a message for the group that turned a small four-door sedan into a deadly weapon.

“I’m still here,” she said.

Houston said she and her friends have no idea who the driver and the two passengers were. She said they had never met them before. They want them in jail and HPD is investigating.

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