Ask 2: Can you make a left turn at a red light?

HOUSTONAt KPRC 2, we’re dedicated to keeping Houstonians informed. As part of our new Ask 2 series, the newsroom will answer your questions about all things Houston.

Question: Our viewer Patti Miranda from The Woodlands asks, “Can you make a left turn at a red light?”

Answer: She’s right, this happens a lot in downtown areas. In fact, you’re taking a look at a light at the intersection at Brazos Street where it intersects with St. Joseph Parkway, where a lot of people turn left onto St. Joseph there to take the ramp-up to I-45.

According to officials, drivers on a one-way street making their way onto another one-way street must be in the far left-hand lane in order to make a legal left turn at a red light.

Again, you’ve got to make sure the street that you’re attempting to turn on must also be a one-way street with the traffic going to your left. As long as you clear the intersection and ensure that there are no vehicles coming, then you can legally turn left on red.