Motorcyclist blames road rage after she says driver chased her down I-45

HOUSTON – Some tense moments between a driver and a motorcyclist were caught on camera and shared online.

The woman, who goes by Bisous My Suzuki on social, records her motorcycle rides with a GoPro camera but one trip on Interstate 45 on April 11 was different.

“He chased me for a solid 20 minutes all the way up 45,” the woman said.

She said she was riding the shoulder to cool down when she noticed a car behind her.

“Came up behind me and tried to get in front of me, get aside from me, and that’s when I knew something was wrong,” she said.

She was able to create some distance with the driver but said he eventually caught up, evening stopping on the freeway and getting out of his vehicle.

“It’s road rage, absolutely,” the woman said. “No one should be chasing down a motorcycle. No one should be chasing down another car. Just move on.”

She called the police and stopped at the scene of another accident. The driver stopped there as well.

Houston police spokesman Kese Smith said the driver of the Buick claimed the motorcycle was riding with a group and a member of the group had hit his side mirror.

The man told police he didn’t have any intention of hurting the rider. He wanted information on who broke his mirror, according to Smith.

“What were his intentions when he chased after me? To talk to me? No,” the woman said.

She said she was not in a group and did not hit his mirror.

KPRC 2 tried reaching out to the driver several times but has not yet heard back.

Police took statements from both people and contacted the district attorney’s office but the DA did not accept any charges, Smith said.

Smith said if drivers are involved in an incident on the road, they should contact the police and not try to confront another driver.