Brutal details revealed in 2018 stabbing murder and suicide attempt as Houston man sentenced to 60 years in prison

Xavier Alejandro Martinez
Xavier Alejandro Martinez (Harris County District Attorney's Office)

A Houston man who slit his own throat after stabbing a woman to death in front of her children in 2018 was sentenced to 60 years in prison this week, officials said Tuesday.

Xavier Alejandro Martinez, 28, was convicted by a jury of murder after a week-long trial and sentenced by a judge Monday to 60 years in prison, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg’s office said in a news release.

Martinez was convicted of killing Josselin Yamileth, 32, at their east Houston apartment in the 4000 block of Galveston Road on May 23, 2018.

Ogg’s office revealed new details in the case, saying Martinez’s sister called police after he sent text messages to her about harming himself. The sister met police at the apartment and heard children crying inside. She forced her way in and found Martinez and Yamileth on the floor. Martinez had a self-inflicted cut to his throat, and was taken to the hospital. Police found a note indicating that he was trying to kill himself, according to officials.

Yamileth was pronounced dead at the scene.

“We heard from a detective who had been to at least a hundred homicide scenes and said this scene was the most brutal one he had ever seen,” said Assistant District Attorney Robert Buss, who prosecuted the case. “He used nearly every knife in that kitchen and almost decapitated her. It was absolutely horrific.”

Martinez must serve half of that sentence before he can be considered for parole because his crime involved a deadly weapon, Ogg’s office said.

Ogg called the murder a “vicious and violent attack, adding “it shows exactly how quickly domestic violence can escalate to homicide. She was murdered by the person who she was supposed to have been able to trust the most.”

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