City of Galveston launches online mapping tool to track coyote sightings

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The City of Galveston and Animal Services Unit has launched an online mapping tool that tracks coyote sightings and their behavior on the island.

According to Galveston officials, the best course of action when dealing with coyotes on the island is coexistence, as attempting to lethally control or relocate coyotes has been proven to be ineffective.

Galveston’s new coyote management plan tracks reported coyote sightings and behaviors, including pet and human attacks.

According to Galveston officials, reporting sightings and behavior allows its Animal Services Unit to monitor and collect data necessary to determine an appropriate response.

Coyote activity can be reported by people on Galveston Island by submitting a form online.

The Coyote Sightings Map can be viewed on the City of Galveston website or by clicking here.

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