Residents enjoy senior prom at Bayou Pines Care Center in La Marque

Nursing home holds prom for residents
Nursing home holds prom for residents

LA MARQUE – Residents at Bayou Pines Care Center in La Marque spent the evening having fun at Senior Prom.

The event was something they needed after being away from family and friends because of COVID-19. It took staff two months to prepare and plan for the big event.

“We are going to party like it’s the 1920′s,” said Erika Parrish, the administrator at Bayou Pines Care Center. “We’ve had a really hard year and the residents needed something to look forward too. They have missed out on birthdays, they have missed out on several holidays.”

The prom featured live music, a photo booth to capture the special moments, sparkling champagne, tasty food, and treats. It was all thanks to the City of La Marque and the people in the community.

“We had so many donations from dresses to jewelry to monetary donations all to give these residents an amazing party,” Parrish said.

And what is a prom without naming a king, queen, prince and princess! The prom court received a crown and sash.

  • Prom King: Melvin Campbell, 111 years old
  • Prom Queen: Lucille Monych, 97 years old
  • Prom Princess: Marilyn Roden, 92 years old
  • Prom Prince: Richard Alvarado, 73 years old

The prom queen said it was fun.

“It’s very nice. I really didn’t know what to expect,” Lucille Monych said.

Residents spent the evening dancing and having fun. The administrator says they plan to have more events for residents since the COVID-19 restrictions have loosened up.