Families of Pamela Turner, George Floyd and Breonna Taylor hold rally on 2nd anniversary of Turner’s death

Rally calls for justice for Pamela Turner
Rally calls for justice for Pamela Turner

BAYTOWN, Texas – The families of Pamela Turner, George Floyd and Breonna Taylor joined activist and attorney Ben Crump for a justice rally in Baytown on Thursday.

The rally was held on the second anniversary of Turner’s death. She was shot multiple times by a Baytown police officer on May 13, 2019.

Crump said after the jury announced it had found Derek Chauvin guilty on all counts that he would be putting on a march for justice for Black women, including Turner.

“If you were outraged when you saw the video of George Floyd got killed by the police, then you should be equally outraged when you see the video of how they killed Pam Turner, an unarmed Black woman laying down on her back that he shot in the face, in the chest and in the stomach,” Crump said, adding that the demonstration would take place in a few weeks.

Crump and the family of Pamela Turner announced in April that they’re filing a federal lawsuit against former Baytown police officer Juan Delacruz and the City of Baytown in her 2019 death.

On May 13, 2019, according to investigators, Delacruz encountered 44-year-old Turner while on patrol and knew that she had warrants out for her arrest. Turner resisted arrest and was able to get hold of Delacruz’s taser and shock him with it, according to investigators. Investigators said that was when Delacruz fired, killing Turner.

Delacruz was charged with felony aggravated assault by a public servant. A grand jury indicted Delacruz in September of 2020.

Attorney Devon M. Jacob said Delacruz has not been fired. A trial date for Delacruz has not yet been set. There is a status conference scheduled for May 25, where Jacob and family members hope a trial date will be set.

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