Task force going after robbers targeting Galleria area shoppers, diners

Task force formed to keep shoppers safe
Task force formed to keep shoppers safe

HOUSTON – It is a frightening crime trend where diners and shoppers are being followed and robbed. KPRC 2 has learned that law enforcement has formed a task force and is going undercover to catch the criminals.

The Crime Gun Strike Force, according to court documents, has over 40 documented cases of people being followed home or to other destinations and robbed of their jewelry and cash. In some cases, the victims have been shot.

KPRC 2 has reported on several of these crimes in the last several weeks.

According to court documents, the suspects are targeting the Galleria area of Houston. The areas include the Post Oak Hotel, The River Oaks District, Plazamericas, and Johnny Dang & Co. on Bellaire and on Richmond Avenue.

On May 9, officers were doing undercover surveillance when they reported seeing an older model Honda Accord in the parking lot near the valet at the front entrance of the Galleria. The car had a temporary tag from Louisiana.

Officers in an unmarked vehicle noticed the car following a $350,000 Rolls Royce out of the parking lot. Before the suspects had time to do anything, officers pulled the car over.

Officers said they found two guns inside the suspect’s car. Documents reveal at least one of the suspects admitted that they were planning to steal the Rolls Royce. Police arrested the four men.

Also, over the weekend, officers were doing surveillance near Johnny Dang & Co. when they noticed two cars following a green Lamborghini that had just left the parking lot. Officers pulled over a black 300 Chrysler with two people inside. A gun was found in the car.

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