From face wash to toner, here are tips to help men take skincare seriously

Important tips for men's skincare routine
Important tips for men's skincare routine

HOUSTON – A local doctor is encouraging men to take steps to protect their skin now and in the future.

“It’s not something I pay a lot of attention to, but (I) shower, wash my face,” said Brandon White. “I put lotion on and sunscreen, sometimes, I probably should do it more often.”

White is a busy husband and father of three and is limited on time for skincare.

He does focus on drinking water to keep his skin hydrated.

“I think it’s almost as much or maybe even more so important to put things in your body for your skin, than put things on your skin, per se,” said White.

Dr. Fred Aguilar, a Triple-Board Certified plastic surgeon, said men should take skincare seriously, by getting to the basics.

The first step is to use a face wash.

The big mistake many men do is just use water or body wash for their face.

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