35 cats rescued from poor living conditions at Friendswood’s home, officials say

FRIENDSWOOD, Texas – The Houston Humane Society rescued dozens of cats from poor living conditions at a home in Friendswood.

Harris County Precinct 5 said the animals were taken from a home on Ravens Fall Lane and Harbor Falls Lane late Monday night.

Precinct 5 constables said neighbors had not seen the owner in three weeks and called for a welfare check.

Constables said they found several dead cats on the windowsill.

“Among the 35, there were 10 that was found dead,” Angelina Saucedo, Marketing Manager at Houston Humane Society said.

Dr. Tony Malone, with the Houston Humane Society, said a lot of the cats have eye issues because the ammonia from their urine burned their eyes.

“Just a horrid condition where these animals are in just in filth and urine,” Dr. Malone said.

He examined an older male cat that had a poor body condition and matted fur. Officials found the animal covered in debris and feces and had very little food and water.

“There was pretty much a stench right when you walked into the house. No electricity was on, so it was a pretty bad situation,” Saucedo said.

The homeowner admitted to experiencing hard times and agreed to give up the animals. Now they are getting some much-needed care and attention.

“We need people to be our eyes and ears out there. If you see something please report it the only way these animals have a change is because of you out there,” Saucedo said.

KPRC 2 knocked on the homeowner’s door, but no one was home.

The District Attorney’s Office will decide whether to file charges against the homeowner.

Anyone needing to report animal cruelty is asked to call 832-927-PAWS.