Harris County DA’s office asks judge not to release information to family in deadly Harding Street raid

DA’S Office files a motion after ruling instructed City of Houston 30 days to hand over information to the family

HOUSTON – The family of Rhogena Nicholas was slated to receive key information from the city of Houston following a judge’s ruling in their civil case.

However, last Thursday the Harris County District Attorney’s Office filed a motion asking for the key information to not be released.

“From what we’ve said from the get-go, it’s one big cover-up. It’s always blocking us,” said John Nicholas in an interview with KPRC 2 Investigates.

When asked who is blocking the family now? John Nicholas quickly responded, “The DA’s office it looks like because the judge has done told the city of Houston to produce their information now the DA has decided to block us.”

The DA’s office said releasing key information in a civil case may impact the criminal trial, which is why they don’t want it getting out.

“We are all focused on delivering justice, but it is just a matter of the criminal prosecution having to go first, because of the complications that come with having a civil lawsuit and criminal prosecution at the same time. We all want the truth, we all want justice and we will get there,” said Dane Schiller, with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

John Nicholas said he and his family are entitled to that key information. He said the family is upset the DA’s office is fighting against them on the civil front. In June of 2019, John Nicholas testified at commissioner’s court to help DA Kim Ogg’s office hire seven new prosecutors and three investigators.

Nicholas said he isn’t buying the DA’s position, especially after a federal judge told the city of Houston they had 30 days to release information to the family in its civil case.

“I thought by the judge authorizing to the city of Houston last week or the week before that we were finally being able to move forward, then all of a sudden this happened,” said Nicholas.

The city has 30 days from April 30 to hand over the information a judge ruled in their favor.

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