Man arrested after vandalizing 5 police vehicles outside of Lakeview PD station

Police department cruisers vandalized
Police department cruisers vandalized

EL LAGO – A man was arrested after police said he vandalized several Lakeview Police Department vehicles Monday morning.

Authorities 26-year-old Timothy Nickerson smashed the windows of several cop cars at the Lakeview Police Department around 5 a.m. The entire incident was caught on surveillance video, investigators said.

“Last September, he had been suspicious in some activities. He was walking around barefoot at 1:30 in the morning, and they called the police,” said Robert Nelson, a Lakeview PD Detective.

At that time, Nickerson was let go, but Nelson said it’s obvious he never let go of the grudge he held toward the officers who arrested him.

Even after smashing several windows Monday morning, investigators said Nickerson’s anger grew when a sergeant involved in last year’s incident pulled into the parking lot.

“She saw him and he recognized her, and he came to her car and was complaining to her about the way she had treated him. He said he didn’t like that, and then he started smashing her windows,” Nelson said.

Nelson commended the sergeant, who is a 15-year veteran of the department, for how she handled this situation.

“She did the right thing and stayed in her car, rather than get out and engage him. And she called for some backup that had some non-lethal, less than lethal weapons,” Nelson said.

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