Have you filed your taxes? Here are new deductions and credits to help you save more money

Useful information on tax credits and deductions
Useful information on tax credits and deductions

HOUSTON – Have you done your taxes yet? If not, there are some new tax credits and deductions you need to know about so you get the most money back from Uncle Sam this year.

New filing deadline

The pandemic caused the IRS to push the tax filing deadline to May 17th, but then the big February freeze got Texans an even longer extension. Our federal taxes are now due June 15 but because of some new credits, if you can get yours done by May 17, you should.

Child tax credit

If you have children, you will get a much larger child tax credit this year. You will get the money by check. Payments will be sent from the IRS beginning in July.

Your 2020 tax return determines how much money you’ll get. So if you usually don’t file for whatever reason, you need to this year. Get it filed by May 17 so the IRS knows how much to send you.

New charity deduction

You usually have to itemize your taxes to claim donations to charity to get a deduction, but this year, if you gave up to $300 you can put that directly on your tax form 1040, and it will reduce your income before taxes are charged.

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