Houston police searching for man who shot woman on Highway 6

Shots fired into car, 1 woman wounded
Shots fired into car, 1 woman wounded

HOUSTON – A car riddled with bullets, and a woman shot in the face.

Investigators say what started as an argument turned to gunfire Thursday afternoon.

“You could’ve killed my baby. Like you were aiming to kill my child, my child,” said Tenesha Benson, who said her daughter was shot at.

Benson said although her daughter was not hit, her friend who went to pick her up was shot.

“From what I understand, he hit the girl in the mouth. She got shot in the mouth and she was just trying to help,” said Benson.

Police say the argument started at an apartment complex not far from Briar Forest Drive at Highway 6 when several shots were fired.

Officers say the victim and her friend then drove to this business strip parking lot and called to get help.

Police believe the shooter is an acquaintance of the victim’s friend.

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