Mom claims 3-month-old daughter’s arm was broken at Spring daycare

3-month-old baby's broken bone mystery
3-month-old baby's broken bone mystery

SPRING, Texas – An upset mother is looking for answers after her 3-month-old daughter’s arm ended up broken following her first day at daycare in Spring.

“It was just very tough to see her in pain,” said the child’s mother Alecia Jenkins.

Jenkins said she dropped her daughter, CJ, at Children’s Lighthouse Spring - Harmony. A few hours later, she said she checked the monitors inside the daycare to check on her.

“What I saw was one of the workers reach over into her under the crib to pick her up and then I saw a panic,” said Jenkins.

Jenkins said after seeing other daycare workers crowding around her daughter, she called the daycare to see what was wrong and rushed to pick her up.

“I could tell that she was in distress. And so I saw that I automatically thought to take her to the emergency room,”

Jenkins said doctors and x-rays later confirmed CJ’s arm was broken. She said she has since filed a report with authorities, hired an attorney, and has also filed a lawsuit.

“Dropping her off at daycare was scary in itself and then for that to happen the first day, it just crushed me,” she said.