These are 10 of the crazy, unique flavors from beloved Montrose-based gelato shop, SweetCup

Here are some of the most unusual flavors whipped up over the years

SweetCup Gelato
SweetCup Gelato (SweetCup Gelato's Instagram: @sweetcupgelato)

HOUSTON – Temperatures are heating up as the days progress and the best remedy for warm weather is a scoop of your favorite frozen dessert.

If you’re someone who loves gelato, this Houston gem is something you’ll want to have on your “to-try” list.

Established in 2012, SweetCup Gelato & Sorbet Originale is breaking away from the norm of the gelato tradition to give guests an unusual, yet fun and refreshing experience. The shop has 24 rotating flavors on display out of over 600 seasonal flavors that are inspired by the family values and travels of owner Jasmine Chida, who serves the desserts with an unforgettable twist.

“We’re in the Museum District, the Art District, so doing something creative and fun and putting it out there is a part of the culture here,” Chida said. “We represent that.”

The gelato is also made with local ingredients as Chida, a San Antonio native, partners with the best purveyors.

“We’re all about creativity and expressing Houston’s diversity and culture,” Chida says when describing her inspiration behind the mind-blowing flavors she likes to create. “We don’t just sell gelato, we sell an experience. That’s what we’re about.”

We asked Chida for a list of the most bizarre flavors SweetCup has created over the years, and here is what she had to say:

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