HISD making counselors available to students and parents amid George Floyd verdict

People in George Floyd's childhood neighborhood react to the verdict in the trial of the ex-cop who killed him.

HOUSTON – School counselors were made available for students and parents at all Houston Independent School District schools to help students who may have questions or emotions they would like to talk about after the verdict rendered in the trial of an ex-cop who killed Georg Floyd.

Floyd’s alma mater, Jack Yates High School, is one of the schools where counselors are standing by to help.

“The biggest thing is being able to control and handle the different emotions that goes along with all that they’re seeing, with all they are hearing,” said Karen Young-Jones, HISD Academic and Career Counseling. “Just not to know how to deal with that, I might be sad or I might not have a feeling at all. ‘Am I wrong for not having a feeling?’”

“We really want people to reach out, seek help whether through school counselors or social worker,” said Glenda Calloway, Assistant Superintendent, Counseling and Compliance.

Students and parents may call the Let’s Stay Connected Hotline at 713-556-1340. The line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.