Family still dealing with storm damage nearly 2 months after winter storm

HOUSTON – One Northwest Harris County family is still dealing with the aftermath of the February freeze.

The brutally cold temperatures from the February freeze are still causing a major headache for homeowners. To this day, Michael and Lisa Anderson are dealing with unlivable conditions as they are still working on major repairs. And, they said, even worse, there’s more damage.

“It’s the ceiling. It’s the floor. Half of our kitchen’s come out,” Michael said. Their home in northwest Harris County is not unlike several others.

“In this front room, you’ll see that the entire ceiling is gone. The walls on one half are gone, and all the floors are gone,” Lisa said.

During the February freeze, they lost water and power for days. The challenges continued. Then, the Andersons said their pipes burst, causing water damage all over their home.

“I think it’s a challenge for the whole family,” Michael said.

On top of the challenges of having to fix their home, their 16-year-old son has several chronic conditions, including an autoimmune condition and autism.

“We ended up living in an RV for several days, then a hotel for several days, then an apartment. All of that transition is a struggle for a child that just wants consistency,” Lisa said.