Attorneys discuss civil lawsuit accusing Chet Hanks, son of Tom Hanks, of assault against ex-girlfriend

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HOUSTON – A civil lawsuit has been filed against Chet Hanks, son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, that accuses him of assaulting his ex-girlfriend Kiana Parker.

Attorneys Kevin Murray and D’Angelo Lowe discussed the lawsuit in a press conference Tuesday afternoon in Richmond. The civil lawsuit alleges assault, battery and emotional distress against Parker. It also alleges Chet of having a pattern of domestic abuse.

The lawsuit states that Chet Hanks assaulted Parker on several different occasions.

The younger Hanks and Parker have taken legal action against each other since the January incident, and a Fort Bend County judge granted a protective order against him.

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In a lawsuit Hanks filed against Parker this month, his attorney said Hanks ended the relationship in January after he learned that Parker “fraudulently made charges to his debit card,” totaling more than $5,000.

The former couple shared two residences in California and Texas.

Murray and Lowe said Hanks has repeatedly been seen abusing their client and they want justice for Parker.

Correction:This story has been corrected to reflect the current status of criminal charges in connection with the case.

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