Spring woman left with broken pipes, water damage in home after contractor hit water line

Contractor hits water line, floods home
Contractor hits water line, floods home

HOUSTON – A woman in Spring was left with quite the mess after crews working on a nearby project accidentally hit a water line.

Shauna Reyes said she walked outside last week to find part of her property underwater.

“It was coming up so quickly and so fast,” she said.

While her initial focus was on the outside, that changed when she walked back inside.

“I checked my son’s room and there’s water,” Reyes said. “And in the living room, there’s water.”

The Post Wood Municipal Utility District said a contractor accidentally hit a water line last Wednesday morning while rehabilitating a sanitary sewer line. As a result, water was able to get inside two adjacent homes.

The district said the contractor sent out a water remediation company the same day, but Reyes said the damage was done.

“I’m going to need new floors in two of the bedrooms,” Reyes said. “I don’t think they’re going to be able to repair what they had to take out for the rest of the house so I don’t know.”

Part of her backyard was also torn up. Despite the mess, Reyes said she is rolling with the punches.

“As much as I would love to dwell on it, I just have to keep going cause I have school, I have kids, I have work,” she said.

The district said it’s working with the contractor to make sure the damage is addressed.

“According to the contractor’s representative, the contractor is working closely with its insurance company to ensure that all water damage to the homes is repaired quickly and thoroughly,” the general counsel for the district said in an email.

“Accidents happen. I mean I’m glad that they’re taking ownership of it,” Reyes said.

Reyes said she spoke with the contractor’s insurance company on Monday and they told her they would cover the damage. She said she doesn’t have an exact amount, but believes the damage is likely in the thousands.

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