Good Samaritans who rescued dog from busy highway stops him from being euthanized

HOUSTON – Two women and a police officer rescued a dog that was trapped on a busy highway.

Crash, a 3-year-old lab mix, was stuck in the middle of an HOV lane as cars zoomed by.

Shelby Stevenson, a good Samaritan who has lost count of how many animals she has rescued, stopped immediately once she spotted the dog.

“So, I got him to lay down, and I called probably 18 different places, trying to get someone to come out here and help me get this dog,” Stevenson said.

Kosandra Ramirez, who also rescues animals in her spare time, stopped to help as well.

While trying to rescue the dog, the good Samaritans witnessed a crash happen right in front of them.

“All of a sudden, I heard the sound of tires screeching and metal crunching,” Stevenson said.

“It was a loud boom, turn, and cars coming. Shelby grabbed me out of the way,” Ramirez explained.