Video: Huffman ISD mom upset after student with special needs attacked by classmate

A mother is demanding action after her son was attacked by classmate

HOUSTON – The mother of a student who was involved in a fight at Huffman Middle School says the video that was posted online is even harder to watch.

“I never in a million years thought I would have to watch something like that happen,” mother Jana Williams said.

According to Williams, the student being attacked in the video is her 12-year-old son Eli, who has autism and cerebral palsy.

Williams said the only reason her son ever swung back was to defend himself and added that he’s been bullied by the same kid in the past.

She is also just as upset that no one stepped up to stop the fight.

”These kids are following him. It’s like it was premeditated, they had planned it. They had the cameras out and people started recording,” said Williams.

Since the incident earlier this week, Williams said she has been in contact with the district, but is frustrated that some of the disciplinary action being taken is also against her son.

“They said it was a mutual fight because he swung his jacket to give him space. They said it was (also) a mutual fight because he was kicking while he was on the ground,” Williams said.

The district released the following statement regarding the incident:

“In Huffman ISD, the safety of all students is our top priority and we strive to create a culture of positive behavior for a safe, inclusive, and effective school climate. Although the District is not at liberty to discuss individual student situations, Huffman ISD takes physical altercations between students seriously and handles discipline in these cases in accordance with the student code of conduct. When appropriate, school administrators also work closely with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s office.”

Williams said she still believes more should be done by the district.

”You send your kids to school, that’s supposed to be a safe place. There just needs to be accountability, and I don’t want a parent to ever feel like I felt,” said Williams.

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