‘This can’t go on’: West Houston resident upset after exotic bird found dead in neighborhood

HOUSTON – A West Houston neighborhood is shaken after a peacock was killed.

“When you have these birds around you every day, we love them. They’re you’re pets,” said Melissa Fair Weber.

She said she is proud that peafowls call her West Houston neighborhood home and are a big part of the fabric of this community.

“Actually they’ve been around for decades. They kind of grows on you. They’re a part of your family almost,” she said.

However, Weber said it is alarming what has been happening to the exotic birds recently as they roam free through the neighborhood.

“I have seen multiple vans, trucks, people, in general, trying to steal them. They’ve asked odd questions, like can you eat them? When we have seen anyone try to lasso a peacock in their car and steal it. That’s absurd. We run them off,” Weber said.

Weber said what she saw this week left her absolutely horrified.

“I was furious. I was like what can I do?! This can’t go on!” Weber said.

A neighbor shared pictures of a dead peacock on the community’s Facebook page. Weber said it looks like the exotic bird had been scalped.

“Its feathers were right next to it. It had not been hit. It had not been harmed. It was a clean knife cut. People are really upset about it so it needs to stop. It’s animal cruelty,” Weber said.

Since peacocks are not protected by federal law, Weber said she and many of her neighbors are compelled to do what they can to defend them.

“It’s up to us to really advocate for them and spread awareness. We have cameras. We’re active about recording license plates and everyone is on board so we will be reporting it to the appropriate agencies,” Weber said.

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