‘I felt like we were profiled’: 2 women speak out after being accused in attack at Asian business

HOUSTON – Two women charged in connection to an attack of an Asian business owner shared their perspective on the viral incident.

The confrontation was caught on surveillance camera at a Houston-area beauty supply store on March 17. The owner said she was punched in the face by a customer who made racial insults.

“You little Asian girl,” said Sung Jun Lee, the woman’s son. “That’s what she remembered.”

Court records show Daquiesha Williams was charged with misdemeanor assault and Keaundra Young was charged with felony aggravated assault. Williams’ court date was rescheduled to May 27.

“I felt like we were getting profiled because it was a group of black women, young women at that point,” Williams said.

According to Williams, the group was followed by the store owner when they went inside the store on Kuykendahl Road.

“They showed you certain clips of the video to make it seem like it was these angry black women just randomly attacking people and that’s not the case,” Williams said.

Williams said she was trying to break up the situation.

“I never touched anyone. I never said anything to no one,” Williams said.

Things moved outside and the video shows a vehicle move towards Lee and his father. They say they were nearly run over.

“If somebody’s jumping in front of your car with a weapon and you’re trying to back up... I had somebody in the front of me and the back of me. I have no choice but to go forward,” Young said.

Lee, who is also a manager at the store, said the women returned after being asked to leave for knocking down a wig display. He claims they also made racial comments about Asian people.

“We do our job,” Lee said. “We’re not like following them. We are not watching them.”

Lee said his mom was the one who got attacked and the video speaks for itself.

“Nothing is edited and we’re not lying,” Lee said.