Electronic scooters could soon be banned from Houston sidewalks

Houston, TEXAS – Supporters say a big reason for this proposed ordinance is the safety of pedestrians and pets.

But some business owners say it’s just not fair.

The owner of Glyderz Houston, Juan Valentine, says his business is booming.

He has a brick-and-mortar location downtown but also does pop-up rentals.

He says this proposed scooter ordinance would cause him huge losses.

“They brought up a lot of things, pedestrians could get hit, dogs can get run over, well what’s the difference with your bikes? Their bikes are heavier than the scooters. I feel that they are threatened that we are taking all their business,” said Valentine.

The proposed ordinance would prohibit displays of motorized scooters on sidewalks or rights of way for rental purposes. It would also prohibit motorized scooters on sidewalks in Downtown and in other business districts.

Nicholas Pham, the owner of Scoots Midtown, opened up his brick-and-mortar location last March. He plans to add a coffee shop soon.

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