Fort Bend County Judge KP George launches next phase of rental and utility assistance programs

RICHMOND, Texas – Judge KP George is launching the next phase of Fort Bend County rental and utility assistance programs.

Judge George held a press conference on an assistance program designed to support county residents on Monday at 10 a.m.

Assistance is provided to residents of Fort Bend County who meet the program guidelines. The federal government provided a $23.2 million grant to the county for help with rent and utilities. George said the program also provides backpay assistance for about a year, so if you haven’t paid rent since April, this program could help.

“This is a very popular program because there is a lot of people still struggling out there,” said George.

In order to qualify an individual has to make less than $44,000 a year or the household income has to be under $84,000.

“And you should be able to demonstrate there is a true reduction in income due to COVID,” said George.

“This program is for people who are really struggling,” George said. “We are one community, and if you are hurting, we are hurting.”

If approved, only one month will be paid, not including late fees. Fort Bend County does not pay utility deposits, rental deposits, or any transferred bill from another address.

To sign up for this phase of the program head to or call 281-238-2273.

This phase of the program is for renters only. If you’re a homeowner in need of help with your mortgage, you’re not eligible.

“We will help guide you to other options that are not under the county. we will get you those options since we’re not able to provide assistance with this program,” said Ed Sturdivant, Ft. Bend County Auditor.

To learn more about the Fort Bend County Rental/Mortgage Assistance Program, you can visit