Cajun Navy helps 63-year-old woman with delivery of food, water

HOUSTON – Volunteers were hard at work Wednesday afternoon loading up for a special delivery. Marissa McKimm with the Cajun Navy hit the road and made the trip for a woman in desperate need of food and water.

“I hear the word angel a lot and it makes me feel very special. When I hear that word, it’s a reminder that we’re in this together, we’re not alone,” said McKimm, a Cajun Navy community outreach volunteer.

On the receiving end of the delivery was Cheryl Feast, who is 63 years old and legally blind.

“Y’all have a heart bigger than the whole wide world. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you,” she said.

Feast said she had been trying to reach the local food banks and other organizations to get assistance after the winter storm knocked out her power and water.

While her services have been restored, she said she hasn’t been able to get help until she connected with Cajun Navy.

“I was freezing. I needed everything, blankets. Everything, you know,” Feast said.

“There’s a beautiful bow and a nice bag that you can use. And it’s full food, full of food,” McKimm said.

Although the road to recovery won’t be an easy one, Feast said this extra help will certainly go a long way.

“I have food now, water now I have everything now. It means the world to me,” said Feast.

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