Houston police chief discusses crime, methods to keep Houston safe

HOUSTON – Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo and HPD leaders discussed the police department’s annual “March on Crime/Lucha Contra El Crimen” in a news conference Monday. This year marks the 37th year of the initiative.

Acevedo highlighted efforts the Houston Police Department plans to employ to help keep Houston safe. Acevedo said the COVID-19 pandemic has, unfortunately, impacted crime rates.

Acevedo said since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the number of domestic violence incidents has gone up, which is a problem the department has worked to prevent. Officers have been working with partnering organizations to combat domestic violence.

“If you need help, help is available. Please do not be afraid to reach out,” Acevedo said as he mentioned a number of resources for domestic violence victims.

He also mentioned gun violence, including road rage incidents, a lot of which have become deadly. According to Acevedo, road rage incidents typically happen between 3 and 8 p.m. in rush-hour traffic.

Acevedo also stressed the importance of removing firearms from vehicles because criminals are finding them as they burglarize the vehicles.

Acevedo said the department is working with other officials to put together public nuisance cases to ensure violence is limited and decreases at convenience stores.

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