Storm effect: Some Houston neighborhoods, apartment complexes have mountains of garbage

When will your trash be collected?
When will your trash be collected?

HOUSTON – The city of Houston is working overtime to catch-up on the heaps of garbage, recycling and heavy trash sitting on curbs, as the winter storm that swept through this week halted service.

“I have been talking directly to solid waste. We’re getting ready to deal with that debris that we know is being placed out on people’s streets,” Mayor Sylvester Turner said Friday.

Click here for the latest updates and pick-up schedule from Houston’s Solid Waste Department

Residents in the Ridgemont neighborhood, which is outside of Beltway 8 near Fuqua Street, reported problems with garbage collection on Friday. The neighborhood is filled with overflowing garbage and recycling bins, and plenty of heavy trash debris from damaged homes lining the curbs.

“My trash is right there been right there. I don’t know when they’re going to pick it up,” said Ke’Neshe’ Antoine, a mother of three who just spent most of the week without power and water.

Apartment complexes face the issue too, but the solution rests with the private companies that service the dumpsters.

There were also many apartment complexes in this high-density area of southwest Houston with overflowing dumpsters and trash strewn across parking lots.

The mayor said Friday that the city is working hard to catch-up, but this weekend could introduce a new wave of debris as homeowners tear out damaged sheetrock.