CenterPoint explains why some customers are without power and others are not

KPRC 2′s Amy Davis talked with CenterPoint Vice President Kenny Mercado about the extended power outages and how the transmission company determines where to turn off the electricity during a crisis.

Here’s a recap of the questions she asked the answers Mercado gave.

Why are so many customers without power?

Generation plants that create electricity were knocked offline because of the weather situation. So, the plants are creating less electricity and people are needing more energy to heat their homes. Keep in mind, Centerpoint does not create or generate electricity, all they do is take the electricity and pass it on to customers.

Why do some people have electricity and others do not?

Mercado explained what happened Monday night in regards to certain neighborhoods without power while others still had electricity.

“We are in a delicate position where we have a significant amount of power that is out and a significant amount of generation that is out and load that is putting us in a very difficult situation to ensure we are properly managing the grid and keeping it safe and stable,” he said.

Mercado said that the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, the state agency charged with managing the state’s power grid, issued orders to reduce the pull on the grid. That was when Centerpoint started moving around electricity for certain customers.

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