Carbon monoxide blamed for deaths of woman and child

Southwest Houston – A woman and child are dead after a carbon monoxide poisoning in southwest Houston, according to Houston police.

On the 8300 block of La Roche Lane, investigators said the woman was trying to stay warm by running a car inside of a garage, however, fumes from the exhaust seeped inside the car as well as the connecting home.

Houston police officers responded to the to conduct a welfare check around midnight and discovered the person dead in the car. Inside the home investigators found another unconscious adult and seven-year-old boy, along with a dead eight-year-old girl according to police.

“You know it’s a very difficult time a lot of people are without power I know it’s cold, but you have to be careful about using generators or cars inside of garages…carbon monoxide its odorless and it can kill people,” said Houston police Lt. Larry Crowson.

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