How counties in Houston area are preparing roads ahead of winter storm

HOUSTON – The Texas Department of Transportation says they will start pre-treating roads, highways, and overpasses across the Houston area in the next 24 hours.

They are waiting for roads to dry before starting the treatment process. Officials are urging people to stay at home and stay safe.

“The more prepared our citizens can be the better off we are going to be,” said Meghan Arthur, a public information officer for Montgomery County.

Mother nature is bringing frigid temperatures to our region.

“We are expecting to see ice on ground level roadways as well,” said Emily Black, who is with the Texas Department of Transportation.

Harris, Galveston, Chambers, Brazoria, Fort Bend and Montgomery counties are in the planning mode, but they are ready to activate as temperatures drop below freezing.

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Texas Department of Transportation already pre-treated Highway 290 from Beltway 8 to the Harris County line and will continue to work on all major roads in the Houston area using a Brine solution.

The weather has already caused problems in Montgomery County. Magnolia police say 13 cars crashed due to icy conditions this morning along the overpass on 1774.

The front bumper of a Payton Fayard car was torn off.

“When we started sliding, I got scared I put my hands up around my head nothing bad happens when the car hit, I was like I hope the worst is over,” he said.

If it is essential and you need to get on the roads, Karolena Serratos who owns Professional Auto Care of Houston says to check your tire pressure and utilize defensive driving skills.

“There could be debris on the road another driver could possible lose control over their car and you want to be able to give yourself ample reaction time to whatever situation happens,” she said.