Houston Newsmakers: New leadership for Houston NAACP

Fighting old problems in new times

Dr. James W.E. Dixon II, President-Elect, NAACP (KPRC)

Dr. James W.E. Dixon II is poised to be sworn in as the new President of the Houston Branch of the NAACP.

“My vision is to make this organization more relevant, more resourceful and more relatable,” he said in his appearance on Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall.

Part of the relatability, he said, will be to include people of all backgrounds to help with the challenges ahead.

“Justice is a cause that should attract all people of moral consciousness and we’re going to be welcoming to those people joining us,” said Dixon

This Pastor and now president says what he says from the pulpit very much applies to the efforts of the NAACP. See much more on this week’s Houston Newsmakers EXTRA when he says:

  • “The authentic message of the Gospel is a social justice message”
  • “We need more than a poetic message that inspires. We need a prophetic message that empowers.”

ReelAbilities goes virtual

Now in its ninth year, the ReelAbilities Film Festival has grown to much more than films. This year it is virtual and will have the normal variety of films, speakers and seminars as well as a spotlight on the virtual music concert.

“The theme this year is the power of music to lift us up,” said Dee Dee Dochen, the producer of the ReelMusic Concert, to break down barriers and to find a way out of your soul no matter what obstacles get in your way.”

Music is also playing a critical role in therapy. Rhonda Barrett is Sr. VP and CEO at TIRR Memorial Hermann.

“Music helps to create new connections in the brain and really be able to give back some of those skills that an individual might have lost after having a brain injury or a stroke. It’s just amazing to see their recovery with those very specific techniques.”

Pinch-Dash-Done cookbook educates and donates

It’s called Pinch-Dash-Done, A Gateway to Flavorful Recipes, a cookbook that was “cooked up” during the pandemic. Former Prairie View A & M Classmates Vernita Harris and Beatrice Moore teamed up to share delicious recipes and at the same time donate portions of the proceeds to the Houston Food Bank and Prairie View A & M University. They consulted with several area local businesses that donated their expertise.

“We wanted you to be able to use ingredients that are easily found no matter where you live and be able to follow step by step instructions,” said Moore.

More Information:

Dr. James W.E. Dixon II, President-Elect Houston Branch, NAACP

· Website: https://naacphouston.org/

· Twitter: @NAACPHOU

Dee Dee Dochen, Producer ReelAbilities Virtual Concert

· Website: https://www.reelabilitieshouston.org/

· Website: http://www.dddmc.com/

· Twitter: @ReelAbilityHou

Rhonda Abbott, Sr. VP & CEO TIRR Memorial Hermann

· Website: https://www.reelabilitieshouston.org/

· Website: https://memorialhermann.org/services/specialties/tirr

· Twitter: @ReelAbilityHou

Vernita Harris, Co-Author Pinch-Dash-Done

· Website: https://pinch-dash-done.com/

· Facebook & Instagram: Pinch-Dash-Done

Beatrice Moore, Co-Author Pinch-Dash-Done

· Website: https://pinch-dash-done.com/

· Facebook & Instagram: Pinch-Dash-Done

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