5 things parents should know about the COVID-19 vaccine and kids

HOUSTON – We are your vaccine central for the latest COVID-19 vaccine updates. From babies in the womb to teens, we are focusing on our kids and the COVID-19 vaccine. As more adults get the vaccine, when will it be ready for kids?

While kids typically are not getting serious cases of COVID-19, it is still important to think about vaccines for them because they can still transmit the virus.

COVID vaccine trials for teens

Houston is one of 20 cities where Moderna vaccine trials for teens are underway.

Danielle Collins’ 12-year-old son Michael is ready.

“He’s the child of a healthcare provider and he hears the stories, and he understands the burden and I think he’s anxious to get past this as well,” said Collins.

She says she felt a weight lifted when she got the vaccine and hopes her son Michael will soon feel the same.

“It was such a relief of a burden that I knew was heavy but I didn’t know how heavy until I received that vaccine and started to feel a little more confident that I’m going to make it through this alright,” she said.

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