Voters in Katy ISD will vote on $676 million 2021 bond package in May

KATY, Texas – Katy Independent School District Board of trustees met Monday evening to discuss a 2021 bond package.

Katy ISD Board President Ashley Vann said the district is expected to exceed 100,000 students by 2030, and it needs many improvements to accommodate. Monday at the 5:30 p.m. virtual board meeting, Katy ISD trustees were presented with the Community Bond Advisory Committee’s recommended 2021 bond package.

The more than $676 million package consists of four propositions, which were decided on after discussions with more than 100 stakeholders.

The goal: address growth, safety and a need for school renovations, technology and more.

”Katy ISD district grows about 2,500 students a year,” Vann said.

Proposition A: New Schools, Renovations, Safety & Security and Building Component Replacements $591,368,568

Proposition B: Classroom and Campus Technology $59,755,242

Proposition C: Natatorium for High School No. 10 $13,842,610

Proposition D: Campus and District Athletic Facilities/Stadiums Repairs & Component Replacements $11,260,000

Trustees voted to approve an Order calling for a school bond election to be held in May.

Voting dates include the following:

  • Early Voting by Personal Appearance: April 19-27
  • Election Day:  May 1

″We will have some high schools that will be close to 6,000 if a new high school isn’t built and some elementary schools that number will be closer to 3,000. Just for an idea of what that means, our high schools are built to hold about 3,200 students and our elementary schools are meant to hold about 1,000 [students], so you’re looking at doubling the capacity and that’s not safe for students or staff,” Vann said.

The Katy ISD tax rate will not increase. It will remain at 39 cents. The district said it plans to pay it off over the course of 20-30 years.