Family reunited with dog after losing her days before Hurricane Harvey

NEW CANEY – A family in New Caney is whole again after losing their dog days before Hurricane Harvey slammed into Houston. Maddie, a mix between a Schnauzer and a terror, is finally back home Sunday tonight thanks to a rescue group and the power of social media.

Maddie’s family never replaced her.

“In dog years, Maddie is 108. She’s loving and kind and obedient,” said owner Rachel Koster.

For the past three years, Maddie has been on a journey. She got lost after the Koster’s moved to their home in New Caney from the Woodlands.

“We had a friend here to help me unpack and we think she went out with my friend because we looked for her after that point and couldn’t find her,” Koster said.

The Kosters continued to search for months and started losing hope of finding Maddie.

“After you search for so long, you just assume the worst,” she said.